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Sixth Scale Scavengers

Nov 30, 2021

Bryan and Chris kick off the latest episode and were joined by this time out by the one and only Gare Bear for his first of likely many appearances on the show. Gare joined Chris and Bryan to help hand out the giving thanks awards to Scavengers in the community.

In another marathon news segment, the Scavengers panel covered releases of the Shoretrooper, The Flash, Captain Marvel, and Spider-Man (Black & Gold Suit).

Hot Toys figure announcements included Clone Trooper Jesse, Captain Vaughn, Spider-Man (Integrated Suit), President Loki, Spider-Man (Battling), and Venom.

Before the awards, the panel ended with their personal collection updates.

To cap off the episode, it was fitting that Gare was able to join the hosts in handing out the Giving Thanks awards on the episode since the prestigious award was named after him last year.

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