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Sixth Scale Scavengers

Apr 6, 2019

In this episode, Steve moderates the YouTube Group Chat panel of Myla, Alison, Mike, Chris, Matt, John and a brief appearance from Bryan. This episode aired live April 5, 2019. This raw audio only version of what can be found on our YouTube channel does not include any edits.

John Martino of Tosche Station One Sixth to Full Scale Collectors Facebook Group joins the other Sixth Scale Scavengers panelists to talk about the latest Hot Toys and Pop Culture news, including Nebula, Iron Man Mark LXXXV, and Endgame Thanos releases as well as the arrival of Iron Man Mark L and Obi-Wan, Star Wars Episode 9 news and much more!

You can find our Hot Toys Checklists referenced in the episode at our website: Find our podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, YouTube, Stitcher, Spotify and on (RSS Feed). You can find The Paradox Nerd Hot Toys Reviews on YouTube.