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Sixth Scale Scavengers

Jul 16, 2019

In this episode, Steve moderates the YouTube Group Chat panel of Matt and Chris. This episode aired live July 15, 2019. This raw audio only version of what can be found on our YouTube channel does not include any edits.

To celebrate our 200th YouTube subscriber, the Sixth Scale Scavengers are giving away a 3A Bumblebee figure.

Sixth Scale Scavengers Bumblebee Figure Giveaway Official Rules

1. To enter the giveaway, post a comment in the comments section of this video describing a topic that you would like to see us cover on a future “Secrets of the Sixth Scale Scavenger” video.
2. You’ll receive a bonus entry if you subscribe to our Sixth Scale Scavengers YouTube channel.
3. You’ll receive a bonus entry if you follow our SixthScaleScavengers Instagram account.
4. Members of the SixthScaleScavengers admin team or prior guests on our podcast or livestream are not eligible for the contest.
5. Existing subscribers to our Sixth Scale Scavengers YouTube channel, and followers of our SixthScaleScavengers Instagram account receive automatic entries for the giveaway.
6. The contest begins when we post this video and ends on Thursday, Aug 1st at 7:00PM EST.
7. We will pick and announce the winner on our scAvengers Assemble! YouTube livestream on August 2nd, shortly after 9:00 PM EST.
8. If the figure needs to be shipped outside the United States, the winner will be required to pay any postage above $20 USD.
9. If the winner declines to accept the figure or pay any required additional postage (non U.S. addresses), we will pick a new winner.
10. The winner will be selected at random using a software program of our choosing.
11. The figure will be shipped within a week after the announcement of the winner.
12. We adhere to YouTube Community Guidelines. All giveaway entries must adhere to them as well. You can find the guidelines here:
13. YouTube is not a sponsor of our giveaway and users are required to release YouTube from any and all liability related to our giveaway.
14. We will not collect any personal data as part of this giveaway.

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